homealone3By: LaDonna Lowe

In today’s world we must maintain situational awareness everywhere, even when in our homes. I would like to have each of you ponder a situation that all of us may be confronted with at one time or another. A question was asked on one of the ladies’ gun forums recently that brought about quite a varied set of answers.

The question was, “You are home alone and someone knocks on your door. Do you answer the door, or let them think that no one is home?” The answers varied from “lock yourself in the bathroom and call the police”, to “answer it and hold them at gun point.”  Now,  I am all for being careful, but there are extremes in both directions. While I would urge you to use an abundance of caution and awareness, I don’t think that someone simply knocking at your door, unless it is in the middle of the night, warrants calling the cops. I would urge you to always make sure your doors are locked and that you have a gun within arm’s reach at all times. Whether that means wearing it on your hip or wearing it concealed or located in a safe place within the room is up to you. My suggestion is to ask, through the locked door, who it is and what they want. Not answering the door could give them the idea that no one is home and that it is safe to break in. Personally, I would rather they know that I am home (which will hopefully be a deterrent!) than to hahomealone2ve to defend my home when they break down the door.

There will be lots of paperwork to do and you will get to wear a new bracelet and ride in a backseat of a car that you really don’t want to ride in if you have to defend your home.  In all homealone1honesty, I would much rather take my chances with telling them to go on down the road than with ever having to use my gun. Now, if absolutely necessary, I am very willing to use it as needed. These are the steps that I recommend if confronted with this situation: 1) asking who it is to let them know I am here. 2) I would have my gun and cell phone in my hand, at the ready. And 3) If they refuse to leave, by all means call the police.  As a last and essential resort, use your gun to protect yourself.

We must always use common sense even when in our own homes.