Cowboy Shooting

By Kathleen Kalina

President of Womenhunters


Kathleen Kalina shooting a .32 caliber single action pistol made famous as worn around the waist for quick draws in the old west.


Dressing up like a cowboy and shooting period guns is Cowboy Shooting…?


Once a year an elite gun range south of Minneapolis holds a “ladies on the range” day open to any woman who wants to shoot.

The Dakota County Gun Range is an exclusive gun range with a waiting list for membership of several years, much like some upper class country clubs. To their credit they volunteer once a year to open their gates and offer an array of shooting to any woman who comes. Last year the entrance was free and over 550 women arrived. This created long lines and very expensive ammo to be consumed. This year they charged $10 which included a free hamburger lunch, free ammo, and a choice of shooting any caliber of pistol, rifle, AK-47, muskets and cowboy armaments.

President of Womenhunters, Kathleen Kalina was there with friends to do some cowboy shooting.

To enter the world of Cowboy shooting, the participant puts together a cowboy outfit and an array of period calibers from 1800’s Americana.

The cowboy shooting circuit is now a national sport where enthusiasts are somewhat like the Renaissance fair, Civil War re-enactors or Rendezvous gatherings. At a cowboy shooting, the gathering requires that cowboy dress be worn by both men and women. Raised stages of painted walls that mimic the old west towns are put up for the shooters to walk through and shoot moving targets of evil cowboys. The effect of the old west is complete. Some cowboy shooters have actual antique guns from the period a replica working gun.

For the “ladies at the range” day, volunteers dressed up and brought their own guns for women to try out. Kathleen has hunted and fished in many places in the U.S, Alaska, Canada and Mexico. She hunts deer with bow and fire.