Cover Story Liberte Austin

By: Andy Morales

Liberte Austin grew up in the hunting culture and knew how to shoot at a very young age, but life took her down a different path until she was able to rediscover something that came very natural to her.

“I knew how to shoot and I knew about guns,” Austin explained. “But the culture of my family was oriented towards the notion that only the men hunted. I also had children and a career to take care of before I was really able to do something for me. Something that I loved.

” Born and raised in Texas, her family had the tradition of hunting on Christmas but it was always the men. At least that’s how it was until the winter of 2007 when an uncle took her along on a place next to the King Ranch in Texas and put her in a blind for her first real family hunt.liberte1

“It was amazing. All the women gave me a hard time and didn’t think I would do it but I went out and bought hunting gear, clothing and a rifle. When I came back with my whitetail they all went crazy and that’s all they talked about.” In those early days, Austin found she couldn’t just go out and buy hunting clothes for women. As a testament to her incredible abilities as an entrepreneur, Austin bought medium men’s hunting clothing and took them to her mother who is a master seamstress and the two transformed the material into something fit for a true hunter.

“My mother helped me turn the clothing into something I could wear on hunts and, being from a fashion world myself, we created something incredible.

” A sometime model, Austin inherited her fashion sense from her mother and a bit of hunting and guns from her father.

“I know how to take apart a gun and put it back together. My father is very proud of me and he brags about me all the time. At first I just went on hunts with no knowledge of taking pictures or documenting them in that way. One day I posted a few shots and people started to take notice. So that’s how people started to become aware of who I was.

” Austin is now part of the ProStaff of Lethal Products and she is a leader in the change of the industry to include hunting gear and clothing for women. She is booked on hunting trips for pretty much the rest of the year and has had offers to host hunting programs for several television companies but her “celebrity” status seems to be an accidental outcome of doing something that she really loves and is very good at hunting.

She exploded on the social media scene so there is no turning back now Austin is the real deal. “The response has been mostly positive because people know I’m not just a spokes model. They know I can shoot and they know I can hunt,” she added. “I also want people to know that I am very pro-American and I support our troops all the way. It’s very important to me and it’s who I am. I’m also a Christian and it defines me as a person.” Of her many skills, Austin is also fluent in Spanish. Expect to see her a lot of her over the next few years. She is a natural.