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By Kimberly Crossland, Owner of The Savvy Copywriter

Theresa Vail Sept Oct 2015

To many, Theresa Vail is the host of the Outdoor Channel’s hunting show, Limitless with Theresa Vail. To others, she’s the first Miss America contestant to openly show her tattoos during competition. Did you know that Vail is also a mechanic and a firearms lover?

Vail comes from a large family. She is one of eight children who grew up in a chaotic household. Her dad was in the military, so every three years she was forced to pick up and move. She didn’t join any teams or clubs. Making new friends in each new city wasn’t easy, either. When her dad noticed her struggling, he started taking her hunting. He taught her how to shoot and, from that unique bond, her love of firearms was born.

Now, you’ll find Vail embracing the great outdoors. “I love hiking, biking, running, skydiving… everything! I’m my best self when I’m able to be active,” Vail says. At night, when she’s ready to unwind from an adventurous day and escape from reality, she opens up a good book. Making it to the range isn’t as easy as she’d like. With a busy travel schedule, her twice-a-month trips to a gun range are a welcome excursion.

When she’s not able to shoot, she practices in her basement with a bow and arrow. If you ever have the opportunity to hear Vail speak, you’ll hear a resounding message of resiliency. “We all face challenges, trials and trauma in our life. It’s all about how we react to it. We can either let it overcome us, or we can choose to let it motivate us,” she says. Vail didn’t reach her level of success today because she took the easy way out.

She has encountered her fair share of unfortunate events. “I decided to be the author of my life and take control. That’s what got me here; a little bit of attitude and a whole lot of hard work.”

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