The Basics of 5 Stand

by Christine Corkell


If you have never participated in 5 stand, you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. It is a lot of fun and this is a brief description of how to play the game:

5 cages are lined up in a row. Each cage has one shooter. There is a referee that pulls the targets, calls out your presentation when it is your turn and scores.

Targets that are thrown normally number 50 or 100. The rules are the same for each, but I will explain as if there were 50 targets.

The cages can be set up on two fields where you shoot 25 targets on each field, or 50 targets can be shot on one field. Normally, the first round will be report pairs and second 25 targets will be thrown as true pairs (doubles where two targets are launched at one time).

There are 6 to 8 trap machines on a field.

Different clubs may have their own style on how they run the 5 stand, but they are all similar.

The referee will show the presentation of each trap machine starting with trap 1 at the call of the first shooter in cage 1. Only 2 “lookers” are allowed for each trap machine and are thrown as single targets. You may not view the true pair.

There is a menu posted at each cage that you will follow. Each cage menu is different. The first shot is always a two shot single. If you miss the first target, you have one more chance to shoot it. The next shooter in cage 2 will shoot his target, and so on until everyone has shot. Once cage 5 has shot, it is back to cage 1. At this time you will shoot your next presentation, which is usually a report pair. This meanIMG_6366s that once you pull the trigger, the referee will launch your second target. After cage 5 has finished, it’s back to the shooter in cage 1 to shoot the last presentation. This will be a true pair with both targets being launched at the same time. You have to decide before it is your turn how to best shoot the true pair. You want to make sure that you take the correct target first, or the second target may have already landed on the ground.

Once everyone has completed all cages and all presentations on their menu for that particular cage, the referee will call out to rotate. You will then move down to the next cage and the shooter that was in cage 5 will go to cage 1. The referee will call out your total score as you rotate. Do not leave your station until all shooters are finished and after the referee’s call.

Only load two shells at a time and make sure you are unloaded and that the chamber is open or your gun is broken open before moving to the next station. Always remember: safety first.

If there are only 50 targets, the first round of 25 targets is shot as two shot singles and all reports, and the next 25 targets would be two shot singles and all true pairs if shot from the same cages. Some ranges will have two sets of 5 stands and you will move for the next round.

This game takes focus, as you have to remember what the targets are doing at each trap machine. As you change cages, the angles change with your targets. Women are having so much fun today in the shooting sports. Let’s keep it up! Invite a friend and encourage them to take a safety course and seek an instructor in addition to getting their gun fitted to them.

Enjoy and have fun!