Girls Can’t Do What?!

by Maddie Dalton


I am Madison Dalton. I am 12 and am in sixth grade. I love so many things and to do so many different things. It was so hard to decide what things I wanted to write about. My family helped give me great ideas about the things I love the most. First, I want to say thank you to my Mom for typing this article. I love tacos, they are the most favorite thing I like to eat. Especially in California, which is where I took the best trip ever !!! 🙂 I went to Disneyland, and it was the best! I also love to go buy new stuff and buy new clothes, it’s just so much fun to shop. I love to craft; it is so fun to make cool stuff, I love to decorate things with washi tape, to doodle, and sewing. I love animals, and besides my small flock of egg-laying hens, many farm cats, my indoor cat (a bobtail siamese named Red-ex), a toy dachshund named Otto, I have a flock of Shetland sheep. I have a total of 16 sheep. A cool thing about Shetlands is they come in many colors from white, cream, tan, brown, grey and black, and they love to have their chins scratched and will wag their tails just like a dog. In the spring we have their wool sheared so we can spin it and make yarn, which my Mom taught me howimage2 to do, which I can then use to crochet. I love to crochet because it is fun to just sit down and make really cool things with the yarn from my sheep.


Something I don’t think you might know is that I play bluegrass music. I like all music, but I play professionally, I am in a bluegrass band, “That Dalton Gang”, and we have just finished recording our third CD. I play fiddle and I sing in the band. Before we started our band and recorded our CD’s, I was the Youth State Champion at the Tulsa State Fair in 2012 and 2013 and have the buckles to prove it! I also took 2nd place at the Missouri State Fair in the 16 and under division for fiddling.


Shooting…I bet you were wondering when I was going to get to that! Well, I shoot rimfire, I started after my sister Cheyenne had shot a season and I thought that it looked like fun. It is fun to see how fast I can shoot. I like the people you meet at the range, and I always have friends at the matches that I go to. The traveling to different matches in different states is awesome and I love to win…In 2014 I took 1st place Youth Limited in the Missouri State match and 1st place Limited Youth at the NSSF World Championships. In 2015, I took 1st place Limited Youth Girl in the Alabama State Championship and took the Gold in the Wyoming State Games, and was 3rd place Youth Limited in the NSSF World Championships.


Photo by Oleg Volk