Babes With Bullets

by April Knoll



april3Born and raised a hunters’ daughter, Debbie Ferns is no stranger to guns. However, growing up with a look but don’t touch mentality would explain why her first experience shooting one was awkward and even “spooky.” With encouragement from her gun enthusiast husband, at 45 years old, Michigan native Ferns put her belief in an unfamiliar hobby that quickly grew with confidence.

While maintaining a full time career, Ferns’ active presence in competitive shooting turned her trepidation into excitement that couldn’t help get this novice marksman noticed by industry veterans. According to Ferns “everyone is given at least one bleapril 2ssing and mine is energy.” In the years that followed, this blessing is exactly what she would need. Multiple champion title holder, Lisa Munson discovered her genuine enthusiasm and with the combination of Ferns’ marketing genius and Munson’s’ shooting expertise a refreshingly unique idea was born.

The unconditional determination of the sport by Munson and fellow female world champion shooters sparked the inspiration for Ferns to develop Babes with Bullets in 2004. Ferns said “a lot of women have a paralyzing fear when it comes to guns, we teach a new life skill in three days and they leave camp with a feeling of empowerment.” Approaching their 10 year anniversary, executive director Ferns, senior director Munson and an elite all female team of first class instructors travel over a dozen states yearly teaching women of all levels the art of shooting a firearm.

With faithful sponsorship from Smith and Wesson, among a long list of other dedicated supporters, this three day firearms camp comes fully equipapril1ped with all of the shooting gear, even your gun. Ferns considers it a “try it before you buy it” attitude. Because if you ask Ferns, the most important factor in using a gun accurately is the comfort level. “A woman needs to find a firearm that fits her, not her husband. So user friendly it will make her want to go to an outdoor range and shoot.” For more information on the programs available visit


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