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Hearing Protection- The Great Debate

August 24, 2016 0

In gun circles there are a great many debates.   These confusing debates can lead one to question oneself: “is my choice right or wrong?  Do I need to change?”  Opinions abound, should I only wear […]

Competitive Shooting

Kim Rhode: A Journey Paved in Gold

August 23, 2016 0

  In the pantheon of America’s Olympic sports greatness, Kim Rhode has no equal.  Not one person competing in an individual sport can boast of winning five Olympic medals in five consecutive Olympic Games.   […]

Competitive Shooting

Junior Competitive Shooter Ashley Rheuark

August 23, 2016 0

  By: Cassie Coburn   The average teenage girl fills her days with classwork, friends, and social media.  There are daily classes to trudge through; all the while watching the clock for the ever-anticipated weekend. […]

Competitive Shooting

Janessa Beaman: Reaching for the Stars

May 4, 2016 0

  The tattoos, body piercings and claw-like nails make you think Janessa Beaman found her way into the wrong sport. See her shoot and all doubt is erased. She was born to do this and […]

Featured Shooter

Girls Can’t Do What: Meredith Rogers

May 4, 2016 3

My name is Meredith Rogers. I am 11 years old and in the 6th grade. I live in a small town in Louisiana, Franklinton. My favorite shooting sports are hunting and archery. When I think […]

Cowboy Shooting

Mounted Shooting

March 29, 2016 0

by Courtney Johnson My love affair with horses began at the age of 5 with a few horseback riding lessons and turned into a full-fledged addiction. When I got married I didn’t own a horse, […]

Competitive Shooting


March 28, 2016 0

THE ROAD TO COMPETITIVE SHOOTING, WITH JANNA REEVES by: Sheila Rockwell  Managing Editor Google “Janna Reeves”. Go ahead. Just do it. When you do, a virtual plethora of information will come up for your reading—and […]

Competitive Shooting

The Competitive Edge

March 28, 2016 0

by Monica Taliani It is the middle of January and I have a calendar filling up before my very eyes with local matches, state sectionals, and area championships faster than I can keep track of […]

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