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TactiGal’s Bree Michael Warner

January 26, 2017 0

by Sheila Rockwell   Bree Michael Warner is a bit of a chameleon. Petite, brunette, classically beautiful, and smart, with a dual degree from the acclaimed University of Southern California. She’s a successful actress, with […]

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The Rise of Female Hunters

August 23, 2016 0

Guiding Women to the Outdoors How women can contribute to the rise of female hunters By: Sydney Meeks   It’s exciting to see the recent rise of female hunters. According to the Census Bureau statistics, […]

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Getting To Know Gabby: Turning Dreams Into Reality

May 4, 2016 0

  by: Sheila Rockwell     Looks can be deceiving. For example, at first glance, Gabby Franco doesn’t appear to be a spitfire. The petite, pretty lady with the bright smile and infectious “can-do” attitude […]

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Ashlee Lundvall: Cover Story

April 6, 2016 0

Ashlee Lundvall: Living ‘A Redefined Life’ Ashlee Lundvall may be, by definition, “disabled”. But she has managed to do more in her life, reach more people with her message, and even dream “bigger” than most […]

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Cover Story Melissa Bachman

March 8, 2016 0

Melissa Bachman — Living Her Dream by Andy Morales   She’s a self-made business woman, a role model, a hunter and, sadly, a lightning rod. Born and raised in Minnesota, Melissa Bachman is everything you […]

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Cover Story Bobbi Jeen Olson

March 8, 2016 0

By: Andy Morales Growing up in a small town in New Mexico, Bobbi had dreams of her own. “I was a small town country girl with big town dreams,” Bobbi said. “But how could I […]

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Cover Story Liberte Austin

March 8, 2016 0

By: Andy Morales Liberte Austin grew up in the hunting culture and knew how to shoot at a very young age, but life took her down a different path until she was able to rediscover something […]

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