Have a Proactive Archery Off-Season


Ashley Kurtenbach

Any time we are trying to perfect a skill or improve ourselves on a hobby, as the saying goes “there is no off-season.” However, at some point during the year a downtime or brief break in one’s chaotic schedule will happen. This is the perfect time to clean and tinker with your archery equipment, and work on fine tuning all aspects in relation to shooting.

Make Like Mary Poppins & Tidy Up 

Utilize this time to take your bow apart and clean the bow and accessories while inspecting your equipment with a fine-tooth comb. When taking the pieces off your bow, mark your bow with a pencil or marker around all accessories. Wipe down accessories and bare bow, while going through a mental checklist. Check limbs, cams, etc. for any potential cracks. Look over strings and cables to ensure they are intact, if strings are stretched or have any severed strands it is a good time to replace them and break the new strings in. Wax and dirt build-up can occur on strings, to remove wrap a piece of serving string or dental floss around string and slide up and down. To clean those tiny spaces within accessories, q-tips or an automotive detailing brush work great. Flex test all arrows.

Now Is the Time to Switch It Up 

If there are adjustments you want to make, new accessories or equipment you want to try, no better time than the present. Usually after the season ends, a person is either happy about how their set-up of equipment held up/performed or seeking to improve on one or more parts. Tinker away my friends! Try out new releases, changing sights or arrows, or a different bow all together. It’s all about finding the perfect archery set-up that works for you, one size does not fit all in archery. Getting everything aligned the way you want at the beginning of your downtime can have you ready to rock when it’s go-time.

Season Closed

After most of the archery hunting seasons have wrapped up, one way to stay up on your skill is by joining an archery league. Nothing better than a little competition to keep you motivated and working on refining your craft. Indoor leagues are great for those of us that live in frigid winter temps to get and out shoot with fellow archers and practice year round.

Work on your technique and the basics to keep from developing bad habits. Everything from breathing, rhythm, grip, correct release, and follow-through can be practiced to no end. “Blind bale” shooting is an excellent way to overcome a number of issues and minimize the human error factor in the future.

Building Strength 

Whether you want to increase your draw weight or just want to maintain a solid form for shooting, hitting the gym or working on developing some of the key muscles for shooting is beneficial. There are great resistance band exercises, for example, rows while standing in your shooting stance; and pull-ups or lateral pulldowns to develop your back. Arms and core muscles also contribute, so grab some dumbbells and hit those planks.

Utilize these tips to make the most of your archery downtime.