ArcHERy Gifts for Christmas


Are you addicted to the mystical flight of the arrow? With the holidays coming up, I’ve got some great gift suggestions for you for Christmas.

Buying a Lifetime Hunting and Fishing license is one of the greatest lifetime gifts that you can give to a youngster. The regulations vary by state, but they are a great investment for conservation and a real bargain when purchased while the child is very young.

Reading to very young children sparks an interest in exploring people, places, and things. I remember books about dogs and horses and magazines like Outdoor Life and Field and Stream that left me yearning to hunt and fish in far-away places. Children’s book author, Shasta Sitton, ( shares two children’s books themed for the outdoors enthusiast: Wyatt’s First Whitetailand Grace Goes Bowhunting.Once they try it, they want you to buy it; I am talking about trying shooting. For the past 75 years, the Daisy Red Ryder has frequently been a child’s first gun. Now, Daisy offers ambidextrous longbows and compound bows for young children to shoot with supervision by a responsible adult. Safety is their first concern, with features including a shoot-through riser that keeps the arrow fully contained and a downward sloped arrow rest that self-aligns the arrow, launching each arrow from the same position. Both retail for below $65. As children get older, they need a serious bow for shooting serious targets. The Genesis bow by Brennen Industries is a universal bow that is used by NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program). NASP offers a great introduction to archery, but just like with T-ball in baseball, archers look for new challenges. Third thru 12th graders are choosing S3DA (Scholastic 3-D ArcHERy). As the National Training Specialist, I train instructors throughout the US. Contact me at or check out our website for more information. For bows that take your child to the next level, look toward our S3DA sponsors: Bear ArcHERy and Darton ArcHERy.

It was LOVE at first shot with the Darton Exciter. The Exciter works great for short-draw arcHERs who want a light-weight compact bow with speed that sizzles. It is easy on the wallet. We know that Momma will be happy when the family shoots arrows together. Make sure to look for more equipment and shooting tips. SHOOT STRAIGHT AND DREAM BIG!